The Canal Celebration Committee
Thanks these advertisers for supporting our annual 2015 multi-fold brochure, web site listing of advertisers and sponsors, as well as those supporting activities and/or the general fund. This support made Canal Celebration 2015 possible.

For more information on how you may participate contact:
Tony DeLuca, Little Falls Family YMCA
15 Jackson Street
Little Falls, NY 13365
(315) 823-1740

Bronze Supporters

All Events Engraving
Charles D. Stahl Sales and Service
Feldmeier Equipment Company
Holy Sprit Polish National Catholic Church
Kelly's Meat Market
Little Falls Elks #42
Joe Macri Realty
Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts

Redco Foods
Travelodge Little Falls

Celebration Friends

Dan Evans
Gary VanVeghten
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